Quality Service

November 21st, 2009

When looking for a flooring company make sure price is not the only consideration. I received calls on a weekly basis from customers that went with a low bid and regret it. While price is definitely a consideration, making sure you get a company that will stand behind their work is definetely a high priority. Quality work and quality service are definitely a must when a company is working in your home.

Hardwood Floor Choices

January 10th, 2009

There are many things to consider when choosing hardwood flooring for your home, species, color and width are the first step to choosing a floor. Figuring out on the amount of wear and traffic you will have on the floor will help you on you decision.

After species, color and width are chosen now you can choose the finish. There are 2 basic finishes, oil and water. Oil modified finishes are considered the basic finish (typically provided by home builders). Standard water borne finishes are an upgraded from oil  finishes. Commercial water borne finishes are typically a  2 component product and are much more durable than a standard water finish.